Strengthening conceptual thinking in politics and public institutions

European School of Governance (eusg) in Berlin is a new hybrid-institution between education, research and consultancy, with a special focus on democracy and governance in Europe and the MENA region.

Eusg aims to create a network of partners with similar institutions across the EU and the MENA region.

At eusg, we strive for a world in which increased

conceptual strength in governance and politics helps governments and public institutions to develop novel strategies and make better decisions – by applying the outcome of cognitive science research in thinking about politics. We believe that supporting “good thinking” can help to advance the public good and promote human development by balancing individual freedom with community responsibility and respect for the ecosystem which we depend on for our survival.


Eusg is a 100% subsidiary of the Parmenides Foundation and has the task of translating the foundation's research insights into practical application for the public sector – just as Parmenides AG does for the private sector. Eusg was host to the European Democracy Lab which received seed funding from the Open Society Institute for Europe.

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"It's all about thinking"

The Parmenides Foundation was established in 2001 in close cooperation with Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich as a non-profit organization. The Parmenides Foundation is the first institution to bring together a broad variety of disciplines all devoted to the study of thinking. It therefore put complex thinking back on the research agenda.

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"Thinking, reasoning, decision-making!"

Parmenides AG is the commercial branch of the Parmenides Foundation serving the private sector.
The Parmenides AG has the task of translating the insights gained in basic research into practical application for the private sector. The main focus is on supporting complex reasoning and decision-making processes in large private companies.

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"The European Republic is under construction"

The seed-funding phase of the European Democracy Lab project ended on October 31, 2016.

To stay in touch with all activities related to the European Republic, please visit: www.european-republic.eu.

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