DecideAct Group - Bjarni Snæbjörn Jónsson

has the focus to deliver intelligent solutions based on people & software to support leadership and management to succeed. The essence of their business concept is to deliver a world leading system to support decision making and track actions toward organizational effectiveness. Decision support and strategic accounting is at the core of the system DecideActTM leading to sound decisions, transparency and improved organisational effectiveness.

Europäische Bewegung Deutschland e.V. (The European Movement Germany EBD)

is the largest network for European Policy in Germany. As a non-partisan coalition of 241 stakeholders from society and economy, the network EBD committed a clear pro-European mission. The network EBD promotes European integration in Germany and the cross-border cooperation of European civil society.

ForeSight to Strategy for Security & Sustainability IN Governance - Adrian Taylor

supports as Senior Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator public and private sector clients by facilitating their strategic thinking processes, notably employing scenarios and Open Source Intelligence in order to help formulate robust policy and strategy options, as well as to create monitoring platforms for both Early Warning Systems and to review progress towards reaching Key Performance Indicators.


The Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) is an international team of social science researchers and students who research, study, and provide policy advice related to environmental and sustainable energy politics and policies. The FFU community is engaged in academic as well as more policy-oriented research.

IP Desenvolvimento Empresarial e Institucional (IPDES)

is a global consulting company focused on the development of businesses and strategies by promoting sustainable and profitable growth and using its experience to benefit its clients and partners through an open and collaborative approach. In the institutional area it develops themes related to sustainability and innovation, economic and regional topics.

Sustainable Excellence – Dr. Susanne Kaldschmidt

is a consultant, trainer and facilitator assisting organizations in developing durable and sustainable excellence, including implementation of economic, environmental and social sustainability. She is active in international Development Projects in sustainable development, Public Sector / SME Support, quality management, diversity management, etc. Her customers include organizations of all sizes and industries in both the private and public sectors. Her work experience extends beyond Western Europe to Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, USA and Brazil.


The School of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (IME) is part of the University of Potsdam. The research is marked by a diversity of subjects from the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship to current issues from research and practice.