Our Approach

Building institutional capacity

We enable institutions to master their challenges in a more and more complex and dynamic environment.

Enabling Institutions

The introduction of tool-based planning and decision-making methods helps existing, mature institutions to manage their complex issues in policy-making processes or scenario-based strategy development as well as flexibly develop and establish sound processes.


Rapid capacitating and institution building

In developmental contexts the demand for capacities in areas like planning, monitoring or budgeting is huge, especially on the local level. Tool-based methodologies help to rapidly capacitate administrators in these specific functions. Train-the-trainer components complement sustainable institutional setups.


Inclusiveness and participation at the institutional level

The rationale behind inclusiveness and participation is not only to consider views of different stakeholders but also to benefit from the collective knowledge of an institution's staff and its stakeholder environment to develop good policy, programs or projects. We help institutions build the mindsets for good governance.


Executive Education and Study Tours

Tailor-made formats for high potential programs as well as subject-specific, on the ground learning formats complement our capacity-building offers. Our extensive network of cooperation partners from the scientific to the practitioner's level allow us to create targeted learning environments.


Integrated methodology

We offer the implementation of Parmenides EIDOS™ methodology through training sessions on integrated strategic planning for task forces, departments or entire divisions of governments and institutions.


Good thinking

We believe that supporting "good thinking" can help to address today’s challenges and risks thus shaping a brighter future.