The key intellectual idea is to place the citizens at the center of the new European project and to create a discourse in which the European level does not appear to stand in contrast to the national level.


Europe as a political community must be founded on the common principle of political equality.
Political equality means:

electoral equality

equal fiscal policy

equal access to social rights

Europe needs a democracy based on Montesquieu’s principle of the separation of powers, in which the legislative and executive powers are clearly separated.

The core issue of the Lab is the promotion of a res publica europaea, emphasising the European common good, and the transnationalism of all European policy, beyond the nation state.

Developing a transnational paradigm is essential to overcoming nation-bound thinking and to changing especially path-dependent, ill-designed economic policies, in which the national economies are still perceived as being in competition with one another.

With promoting the idea of a res publica europaea, the Lab would like to stimulate a fundamental political and economical rethinking of the European project.