Communication for Good Governance

Inclusiveness and participation are fundamental principles of good governance as they enable the fair representation of societal stakeholders’ interest as well as the use of their knowledge and creative potential for better policy. We provide communication formats that address a variety of participatory requirements. We apply sound methodological approaches to structure complex issues and foster the exchange of perspectives in order to maximize the benefits attained from the stakeholders’ valuable engagement.

Participatory Planning Sessions

The development of a good solution for a problem or challenge requires both the creativity and the differing perspectives of the stakeholders involved. Our participatory planning sessions help structure the information and knowledge of concerned stakeholders in a dynamic but transparent development process.


Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues and Negotiations

Debating and jointly resolving controversial and complex issues with professional stakeholders requires proven dialogue and negotiation/ mediation techniques as well as a transparent setting in which complexity can be managed. Our multi-stakeholder dialogue formats allow for the exchange of perspectives, the identification of where there’s room for negotiation and the accumulation of balanced solutions and approaches.


Public Consultations

Including public opinion on a project at early stages has turned out to be an important success factor for successful planning in the public space. Our public consultations methodology allows for identifying expectations and the wide array of public opinion towards the issue at hand as well as the identification of potential solutions.


Large Scale Citizen Engagement and Townhall Meetings

Sometimes we need a fresh start – getting citizen engagement onto a new path requires their open inclusion from day one. Our large scale citizen engagement methodology allows for the development of "mobilizing" visions, and brings to light the role and responsibility of each and every citizen in how they can change society for the better.