Complex Challenges

Mastering Complexity

Despite the fact that we strive to build up problem solving capacity within our clients' institutions, some challenges call for external support. Whether it's the complexity of the challenge, lack of capacity in a specific area or the need for a neutral party in a project: sometimes a problem cannot be dealt with internally.

strategic planning and scenario-based strategizing

Development of solutions for complex challenges in controversial settings, wind-tunneling of strategies with scenarios, scenario development

policy development in education and design of sectoral approaches

Education, environment, infrastructure, basic services, agriculture, economy

Risk Assessment, Horizon Scanning, Future Analysis

Strategic foresight approaches for governments and public institutions, single risk assessments and future scenarios, risk monitoring based on indicator systems

Conflict resolution and negotiation support

Development of negotiation positions and strategies, mediation processes

Corporate (Social) Responsibility

Participatory development of corporate responsibility approaches, design of innovative structure, networks, alliances or services, articulation of local needs

Project strategies

Facilitation of project strategy development between donors and beneficiaries for a shared understanding and project success in international cooperation and development

How we work

In our consultancy projects, we make use of our proven Parmenides EIDOS methodology to structure the process, manage the complexity and dynamics of the challenge at hand, involve stakeholders and document the results.

  • Clarification of project objective(s), scope, outcome, framework and stakeholders
  • Information structuring, expertise requirements analysis and project preparation in Parmenides EIDOS
  • Execution of Parmenides EIDOS supported workshops
  • Documentation of results